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Alloy Radiators

Discover the best radiators for your vehicle.
Dolphins' radiators exceed industry standards in terms of quality, reliability,
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Dolphin Alloy Radiators

Have you been seeking high quality alloy radiators? Our experts here at Dolphin Catalogue are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers, offering a wide range of durable and high-quality alloy radiators. Specify the manufacturer and model of your vehicle and our team will strive to provide the most feasible solution for you.

The Premium-Quality Alloy Radiators You Need

Providing the highest quality cooling solutions, and aftermarket radiators is what our team works on and motivates us to reach for greater heights. Indeed, with over thirty-six years of experience, we have progressed steadily over the course of time to be able to provide radiator designs that are resilient and reliable.

As we source only the purest grade of metals, our solutions are all top-of-the-line, high-performance models, manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility. To ensure their durability, strength, and performance, all our radiators are rigorously tested before being put on sale.

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The Benefits of Alloy Radiators

Why are alloy radiators beneficial? A wide variety of advantages are offered by alloy radiators for your vehicles. Due to these benefits, aluminium alloy radiators are becoming increasingly popular among consumers - and below are some of the most important advantages of these innovative designs:

  • 1. Alloy radiators are, overall, far lighter weight than a copper brass radiator of the same size. This makes them incredibly practical.

  • 2. The corrosion-resistant properties of aluminium make the radiator less prone to leaking, even when subjected to high temperatures. 

  • 3. Due to its excellent conductivity and fast absorption of heat, aluminium allows the coolant to cool down more rapidly as it passes through the tubes.

Auto Radiators for Sale


Dolphin boasts a diverse range of products manufactured using top-of-the-shelf materials and through a high-tech manufacturing process. Whatever vehicle you may have, we have the radiator for you. We assure that our products are cost-effective and have high-performance.


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Why Choose Us?

What makes Dolphin Catalogue the best choice for alloy radiators? As one of the pioneering radiator development and manufacturing companies, our three-decades long industry experience is the most notable of all the factors. 

In addition, we ensure that each product is tested to our stringent quality standards for delivering the best possible quality and cost-effectiveness to our customers. Our website features an easy-to-use search functionality, with detailed and informative descriptions for every product.

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