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Return & Refund Policy

Shortages, Defective Goods and Returns

If some Products are missing from the order, please notify us by telephone or via mail. We will use our reasonable endeavors to ensure that the missing products are then delivered, should it be found that this is the case.

All products must be inspected once removed from the packaging and you must notify us within 25 days of delivery of any scratches, blemishes or other damage or defect which is apparent on reasonable inspection. Where the defect or damage is not apparent on reasonable inspection you must notify us within a reasonable time after the defect becomes apparent. Please refer to the section “Warranty Period” below for our warranty policy.

After inspection, the products should then be repackaged in their original packaging to prevent damage prior to installation. All packaging should be kept until installation.

If the Products are damaged, we will either replace or repair the products. These terms will apply to any repaired or replacement products we supply to you. All damaged, imperfect or scratched radiators must be repackaged in their original packaging, ready for return to us.

Installation of a damaged, scratched or imperfect product will be regarded as an acceptance of the Product by you and no credit will be given under any circumstances. Imperfect products should therefore not be fitted and we will not accept any responsibility for replacement of scratched, imperfect or damaged radiators once they have been installed. This includes any consequential loss or cost of fitting.

If you do not notify us as set out above, we will have no liability for any defect or failure and you will be bound to pay the price as if the Products had been delivered in accordance with these terms.

Leaking Radiators

If any of the products leak after installation or are otherwise faulty during the relevant warranty period (see below), please notify us within 5 days of the date on which you discover the fault. We will, at our discretion, either replace or repair the products. If we replace a product we will deliver a replacement product and /or collect the damaged product from you within 60 days of delivering the replacement. These Terms will apply to any repaired or replacement product we supply to you. If we comply with this term we shall have no further liability in respect of the faulty product.

We will charge you for any replacement products should the faulty Product not be returned to us within 60 days of delivery of the replacement. All returned items should be suitably packaged to prevent any further damage.

Warranty Period

We offer a 1 year limited warranty on the majority of products manufactured by ourselves from the date of dispatch of goods.

In some instances, where we are not the manufacturer of products listed we will use all reasonable endeavors to make over to you the benefit of any warranty given by the relevant manufacturer.